Monday, August 22, 2016

Stop the World. I Want To Get Off.

Does anybody else feel like their life is out of control? I can't seem to keep up or find enough time to do what I really want to do--write (some reading would be good, too). I recently received my manuscript back from my editor and I'm so anxious to dig in full-blast! I have managed to get through 71 pages (pats self on back) but want to give it so much more time than I've been able to. The immediate future doesn't look any better. My family will be arriving tomorrow for a visit (yay for that one!); one of my dogs has an ear infection (so vet visit); in the next few days I'm scheduled for a hair cut (already rescheduled once), allergy shot, annual female checkup (about an annual overdue), and a mammogram. I also need to pick up my dry cleaning, pay for my car registration and pick up some things from the grocery by tomorrow or my visiting family will starve. I'm trying to squeeze all that around extra hours at work settling into a new job. I'm sure I have other things to do, but my "to do" list vanished. My e-mail was hacked which caused a domino effect that included all my notes disappearing from my iPhone, not to be recovered. They contained every note I've ever taken about books, writing, publishing, and even had bits of manuscript that I'd jotted down until I could get it onto my laptop. I can't even count the other information that was lost never be reconstituted from this tired brain of mine. But, I'm on this side of my expiration date, which is good. Things will settle down, or maybe they won't. Either way, I need to do a better job of putting everything on pause for just a moment here and there to breathe and take in the beauty of this Earth that I pass by everyday without notice. Who's with me?

Happy Writing (or Pausing)!

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