Sunday, March 5, 2017

My Turn

My entire life I played a supporting role in my own world. A daughter to a single mother who could use all the help she could get, a wife to a husband trying to climb the ranks of a challenging career, a mother to an active daughter, a granddaughter in a sandwich generation that skipped a layer. Every time I see my daughter thriving, or remember a smile on my Granny's face when I did something special for her, I know everything I put into those supporting roles was well worth it. But, now it's my turn.

Yes, writing had reared its head a few times in my life. I ignored it. Because, you can't pay bills by writing. Right? (I suppose some can.) But when I discovered my love of reading, and ultimately writing, in my forties, I learned it's not about the money. It's about doing something you love to do.

So, I'm letting the worlds and words inside me leak out through my fingers onto paper and keyboard, and don't plan to stop them. I highly recommend you let your own passions out, whatever they may be. Don't stifle the fire in your soul.

Happy writing (or whatever fire-building you do)!

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